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   The Lovell Bible Church, located at 56 E. Main Street in Lovell, Wyoming, is a non-denominational church reaching out to anyone seeking the love of Christ. Established in 1969, the small fellowship met first in homes, then, as the congregation increased, in the Oddfellows Hall, next in a building on Eight Street, and presently is a prominent presence in the center of Lovell. The church focuses on teaching Biblical principles, strengthening family values and reaching out to community members and visitors with warmth, acceptance and loving friendship. The congregation enjoys the western décor, lively singing, exciting preaching, a wide variety of Sunday School classes for adults and children, and monthly potlucks. The Point, an outreach to the community, is located across from the high school offers free lunches and a safe place to study or "hang out" for middle school and high school students. Lovell Bible Church is a non-judgmental haven that welcomes YOU to come, find friendships, and learn about the savior, Jesus Christi!


   God can do anything. He used a broke elbow to move a man named Kurt McNabb from Michigan to Lovell, Wyoming where he was treated by Dr. Story who introduced Kurt to a small church now called The Lovell Bible Church. Kurt and his new bride, Lavonne, built a home on Horseshoe Bend where they began raising their family and took in troubled boys, a ministry to be called Fort Shiloh Boys Ranch. When the Park Service claimed Eminent Domain rights to their ranch, a lady in Clark, Wyoming, gave them land to rebuild their boys ranch. Funded mainly through donations, Kurt and Lavonne have provided guidance for over 500 troubled boys. The McNabbs attended Bennett Creek Baptist Church in Clark where Kurt eventually became pastor. The church in Lovell lost its pastor and Kurt filled in. He presently pastors both the Lovell Bible Church at 9 a.m. and the Bennett Creek Church at 11:15 each Sunday morning. Pastor Kurt's energetic style of preaching peppers his sermons with witty stories and a personal touch that makes his love for people and his mission to change lives through the love of Jesus Christ evident to all.


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